LIVE: Unless Conservatives Deal With RINOs, They Will Never Win National Races

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Todd’s Guests

1:05 pm et – Walker Wildmon, VP, American Family Association

Watch their documentary, In His Image

1:35 pm et Mike Huckabee, former Arkansas governor

2:05 pm et Diamond and Silk

2:05 pm et Mark Walker, Former Congressman, Running for Senate

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My Pillow’s Mike Lindell dropped by 18 vendors, blames ‘cancel culture’

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JUST IN: Biden Reacts to Trump’s Acquittal, Says Defending Truth and Defeating Lies Is ‘How We End This Uncivil War’

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‘Looks Like Defunding Police Didn’t Go Well In Minneapolis’: TX Gov. Abbott Slams City Council After New Funding

U.S. Navy ‘Inclusion And Diversity’ Report Includes Pledge To ‘Advocate For And Acknowledge’ All ‘Intersectional Identities’

Graham warns Kamala Harris could be impeachment target because Democrats ‘opened Pandora’s box’

Protesters create large snow barrier outside precinct to prevent Seattle cops from responding to emergencies

Graham warns Kamala Harris could be impeachment target because Democrats ‘opened Pandora’s box’

GOP’s McConnell: Trump morally responsible for Jan. 6 attack

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