Georgia Church Pays off $1.6 Million in Medical Debt for Needy Families

Along with patients being admitted to hospitals for COVID-19, many people are still going to the hospital for the same reasons before the pandemic started.

As a result, the medical bills for these patients are starting to increase, and for many people, money is hard to come by during these times. In order to share some love, a church in Acworth, Georgia is picking up the check.

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Freedom Church has donated over $1.65 million to cover any medical costs “for about 1,043 families in Bartow, Paulding, and Cobb counties”, according to Fox 5 Atlanta. The church has been working with an organization called RIP Medical Debt. The organization pays “pennies on the dollar for lapsed medical debt and work to release people from them.”

Fox 5 also says that RIP Medical Debt has almost raised and donated over a billion dollars to help families in need since they opened in September of 2019.

Pastor J.R. Lee said, “We pray these families can find at least some relief this week knowing these debts have now been paid in full on their behalf. What Jesus did for us we want to do for others.” If that doesn’t get an AMEN, I don’t know what does.

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