Marine Veteran Says Biden’s Vaccine Squad Not Welcome on His Property

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The following is a rush transcript from Todd’s national radio show.

TODD: Let’s go to Maine: Mike listening to us on WLOB. Alright, Mike, what do you do?.

MIKE: I was talking with your friend Ray Richardson this morning about this exact subject. And I’m a retired Marine. So in my front yard near the door, there is a sign that says “This property is protected by a United States Marines with a serious lack of negotiating skills but is absolute hell in a gunfight. If you don’t belong here, please leave. You’ve now been properly negotiated with.” So, I don’t expect to get any knock on the door.

TODD: No. That’s a very polite message, too, by the way, Mike. I mean, that’s very neighborly of you. But just think about this. And you’re a retired Marine, so I think you understand where all of this is going. If we don’t put a stop to this now, the next knock on the door may be for your guns. That’s how quickly this will spiral.

MIKE: Or you and or you yourself. That’s the worry here. And we’re out of control. I’m 71 years old. I’ve never, ever seen anything like what’s going on in our country right now. It is just stunning to watch this happen.

TODD: Mike, what concerns me here is that we’ve got a generation or two — I would say that millennials and probably more so Generation Z, the kids younger than them, this is the new normal for them. So they really don’t understand freedom like you and I understand freedom and they’re OK with it. They don’t seem to have a problem with this crackdown on our civil liberties.

MIKE: Well, you know, I was telling Ray the other day, we talked quite a bit and I said, you know, I think one of the things we have is a lot of the people of the country had never been out of the country. And some of the places I’ve been, you can’t wait to kiss the ground when you get back to the U.S., and that goes for civilians too. They may travel here or there, but I’ll tell you when they finally touch down at home, that’s when they really feel safe. But, you know, a lot of our population has never been out of the country.

TODD: Mike, I’ve been out a couple of times.

MIKE: Children, spoiled children are what we have.

TODD: Oh, no, no doubt about that. Entitled spoiled children. And they’re weakening. And my greater concern here, Mike, and we’ve got about 20 seconds, is the weakening of the United States military.

Speaker 4 Yes, it’s really scary what I’m seeing, especially listening to [General] Milley talk. I heard his testimony in front of Congress last week. I looked all over. I don’t know what the hell is going on, but it needs to stop.

TODD: Well, they’re trying to soften the country up for a full-blown socialist takeover. I mean, that’s ultimately where all of this is leading. And, Mike, it’s going to take people like you, a great retired Marine, to take a stand and say, we’re not going to let him do it. We’re not going to let him do it. Mike, I got to leave it there. God bless you, sir. Thank you for serving our great nation.

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