Michigan School District to Only Serve Muslim-Approved Meat

Public school students in Dearborn, Michigan will only be eating meat that is prepared according to Muslim traditions.

Television station WXYZ reports decision to only serve halal meat came about from a student advisory board.

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The school district said their new menu had nothing to do with religion. Yeah, right.

Let’s get real. It had everything to do with religion. And in Dearborn, Muslims are being provided an accommodation not granted to other religious groups.

Public schools across the nation are cracking down on Christianity in the school house – all the while making room for prayer rugs in the classroom and Muslim meat in the cafeteria.

“Schools have never changed lunches to fit any other religious needs.  If one needed a special diet due to religion or health, they did what all other students do, bring a lunch from home,” one irate mom wrote in a letter to the school superintendent.

Pamela Geller, president of the American Freedom Defense Initiative, told American Thinker the policy discriminates against non-Muslim students.

“Dearborn should rescind its halal-only policy so as to make its schools truly inclusive and diverse, accepting of all students, not just Muslim students,” she said.

Well, I guess that means no more pork chops or Jimmy Dean Sausage at Dearborn High School.