Monica Crowley: Nation Could be Heading Toward a Constitutional Crisis

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Buckle up, America. The scandal that has infected the FBI and the Justice Dept. is about to explode.

Conservative commentator Monica Crowley dropped several bombshells during a jaw-dropping interview on the Thursday edition of the Todd Starnes Radio Show. Click here to listen to the entire interview on the Todd Starnes Radio Show podcast. 

She said the evidence is piling up that bad actors who served in the FBI and DOJ during the Obama Administration were trying to “shield Hillary Clinton from her criminal acts – her felonies” and they were trying to “destroy Donald Trump.”

“Lord knows they looked at Donald Trump as some sort of treacherous monster who had to be stopped by all means necessary,” Crowley told Starnes.

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She pointed that that one very important name is missing from the investigation — Barack Obama.

“Do not try to tell me for one second that any of these people were freelancing any of this,” she said. “Of course President Obama knew.”

And based on what Crowley is hearing from her sources, there are more memos that are about to drop — not just the Nunes memorandum.

“And you’d better fasten your seat belt, Todd – because what I’m hearing this whole year could be engulfed in a constitutional crisis involving the former president and the sitting one.”

And we’ll be covering every new development on the Todd Starnes Radio Show.