Moral Anarchy: Limbaugh Says America is in “Cold Civil War”

Best-selling author David Limbaugh warned on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that if Democrats reclaim power the nation will be in for a world of moral anarchy.

“They have gone out in total extremism on a variety of issues from abortion to socialism to Trump Derangement Syndrome (TDS) to immigration,” said Limbaugh, author of the new book Guilty by Reason of Insanity: Why the Democrats Must Not Win. “It’s scary how far left they are.”

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In his new book, Limbaugh devotes one or more chapters to the major issues facing our nation, while showing how extreme and unreasonable their positions are at this time.

“I think we are in a cold civil war in this country, and we are in an intensified culture war and political war,” said Limbaugh. “We need to arm ourselves for battle intellectually and spiritually, and we need to be equipped to fight the relentless left who is on duty 24 hours a day.”

Limbaugh stressed that “we do not need to be as dirty as they are,” but we need to be knowledgeable.

“We can make a better case on all these issues, morally and intellectually, than they can,” he continued.

Limbaugh isn’t alone in his concern about the rise of things such as socialism in this country. Starnes said he sees it too and does not see the Democrats turning back from that ideology.

“I think the Representatives Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s and Rashida Tlaib’s are the future of the party,” Starnes explained. “What does that mean for America that you have a major political party that’s gone socialist?”

“It means that the Obama effort to fundamentally transform the country will now be consummated if the Democrats regain control of the legislative and executive branches,” answered Limbaugh. “It’s a freak show, a horror show.”

Limbaugh pointed to drag queen story hour events at libraries and schools as one of the more troubling situations today.

“We just have to point out how absurd irrational and objectively insane these ideas are.”

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