Nashville’s Democrat Mayor Orders Shutdown of Bars

All bars in Nashville and Davidson County, Tennessee are preparing to close their doors under orders from the city’s Democrat mayor.

Mayor John Cooper tells The Tennessean he plans to ask the city’s health department to close all bars and curtail restaurant seating amid the Wuhan virus outbreak.

“We also are asking restaurants to take social distancing precautions, including the spacing out of tables for customers,” Cooper told the newspaper. “We are asking for these short-term actions based on recommendations of public health officials and health professionals and to protect the health of every person in our county and every visitor to our city.”

Democrat mayors across the nation considering similar measures.

Illinois Gov. J.B Pritzker (D) said the state is “looking hard” at the possibility of closing bars and restaurants, suggesting a lockdown may be the next step the state takes as it grapples with the coronavirus outbreak.

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