Navy Plans to Deny Religious Exemptions for COVID Vaccine: Report

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The Navy has a plan to “issue blanket denial of religious exemptions to the COVID vaccine mandate” in violation of its own policy, according to documents obtained by journalist Liz Wheeler.

In her Twitter thread, Wheeler discusses how certain members in the Navy will be denied exemptions from the COVID vaccine. Some do not want to take it due to aborted fetal cell lines used in the vaccine development. 

“There hasn’t been a single religious exemption that’s been approved in the United States Navy as far as I know,” Wheeler told the Todd Starnes Radio Show. “I have not heard of a single request that has been approved.”

“They haven’t fully been denied- at least at this command yet. But they are working their way up the chain of command and a recommendation from each level so far has been denial,” Wheeler continued. “It really is a shame to see…technically, they are violating their own policy.”

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Wheeler’s Twitter thread goes into detail regarding the papers she uncovered regarding the U.S. Navy and religious exemptions.

“​​CDR Michael Tiefel is the XO (second in command) at CIWT,” Wheeler tweeted. “He wrote a revealing note for his boss, CAPT Ratkus, regarding the data a Sailor at IWTC Corry Station included in his request showing how & to what extent aborted fetal cell lines were used in COVID vax development.”

“CDR Teifel commented on the Sailor’s concern about aborted fetal cell lines used in the vaccine development,” the thread continued. “The sailor cited the Charlotte Lozier Institute. Who did Teifel cite? http://Pro-lies.org, an aggressively pro-abortion site that insults & stigmatizes pro-lifers.”

“Tiefel actually quoted http://Pro-lies.org WORD-FOR-WORD about the Charlotte Lozier Institute, accusing the pro-life group of “pushing alarmist narratives,” she tweeted. “Tiefel also added a few of his own words, saying that the site “spreads his [the Sailor’s] absurd research.”

Liz then went on to explain how the Navy is being hypocritical in terms of granting religious exemptions. The Navy’s own policy states that one does not have to be a part of an organized religion and atheists can use a religious exemption from something if they choose to.

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“This is in violation of U.S. Navy policy and I’ll tell you how,” Wheeler told host Todd Starnes. “The policy states that each religious exemption must be analyzed on a case by case basis. And that’s not what’s happening.”

“Furthermore, if the Navy CAN grant a service member’s request & accomplish their mission, they are supposed to do so (this according to training material provided by the Navy),” tweeted Wheeler. 

“At the same command, a religious accommodation was approved for a Sailor who was a Sheik wearing a turban, which violates uniform code,” the tweet continued. “In fact, he was known to allow his hair & beard (additional uniform violations) to be messy & yet his religious accommodation was approved.”

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