Never Forget What the Islamic Radicals Did to Us in the Name of Their Religion

The following is a transcript of my September 11th radio commentary broadcast on 530 radio stations. 

Do you remember when the first news bulletin came across the radio? A jetliner — crashed into the side of the World Trade Center towers. And then another. The Pentagon. The field in Shanksville, Pennsylvania.

Do you remember the images from that day? Screaming jet engines. Necks craned upwards. Bodies falling from the sky. A billowing death cloud swallowing up city blocks.

Do you remember the sounds of that day? Blood-curdling anguish. The chirping transponders. Let’s roll. And then the silence.

Do you remember the emotions of that day? Fear. Sorrow. Anger. Resolve.

Do you remember Ground Zero, the steel beams twisted into a cross, the firefighters raising Old Glory. President Bush and the bullhorn.

We were united back then. One people. One Nation.

Do you remember?

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