Never-Trumpers Plot to Take Down California Republican

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Rep. Dana Rohrabacher (R-CA) is facing a fierce challenge from Republican Never-Trumpers for re-election to the United States House of Representatives.

Rohrabacher said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show his race will come down to dealing with “the split between the Never Trumpers and those people who are happy that the President is shaking things up.”

“There are a lot of Republicans out here who are still patriots,” the congressman said. “What we have here is a split between the Never-Trumpers and those people who are happy that the president shaking things up.”

Starnes told Rohrabacher that Establishment Republicans are playing a dangerous game by attacking the 15-term congressman – a lawmaker who has been leading the fight against sanctuary cities and sanctuary state legislation.

“The Never-Trumpers are up to no good in Southern California,” Starnes declared.

The congressman told the Fox News Radio host he has been a strong supporter of President Trump’s plan to deploy National Guard troops to the border to curtail illegal immigration.

“There are a number of Republicans that oppose me that have been very soft on the issue of illegal immigration and things like sanctuary cities,” he said.

The congressman noted that he thinks it’s “great” that President Trump will be sending the National Guard to the border, criticizing those who are against strengthening border defenses.

“To these other people who are upset with me because they think that’s war like or being belligerent towards Mexico, I say no. We need a strong leader and our President is providing that,” he said of Trump.

“We’ve already seem some great achievements,” he said, referring to President Trump’s judicial picks and ending of burdensome regulations.

Of his Republican opponent, Rohrabacher said he hopes his opponent is honest with the voters about important issues to California conservatives, like immigration and sanctuary cities.

Rohrabacher has been endorsed by almost all of the Republicans who hold office in California, and says the efforts to unseat him within the Republican Party are a “waste of money.”

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