No Collusion! Game Over! The Mueller Report is Released

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There was no collusion.

That’s the bottom line of the 448-page Mueller Report.

President Trump did not collude with the Russians. He did not conspire to obstruct investigators. And he did not betray the United States of America.

President Trump is not a traitor. Rather, he is the victim of one of the ugliest political witch hunts in American history.

“No collusion,” the president declared just moments after the report was released. “There never was and there never will be.”

The only high crimes and misdemeanors were those committed by Democrats and the Mainstream Media as they tried to take down a duly elected president.

And while the Mueller Report completely exonerates the Trump Administration, there is still much work to do. We must find out who is responsible for perpetrating these horrific allegations on the American people. We must find out who gave orders to spy on the Trump campaign.

“This should never happen to another president again,” Trump said. “This hoax. This should never happen to another president again.”

That’s why we must find out who was responsible for weaponizing federal agencies for the sole purpose of overthrowing the Trump administration.

For now, though, we celebrate with our president. He has been exonerated. Game over.

Click here for the entire Mueller Report.