NYC Cowards Stand Down as Elderly Woman is Beaten

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An elderly woman was brutally beaten in a New York City subway car while onlookers recorded the incident on their cell phones.

The attacker repeatedly kicked the 78-year-old victim in the head, but not a single person on the No. 2 train tried to intervene.

Those passengers are morally bankrupt cowards. Disgusting!

Police say no one even bothered to call 911 and they were not notified of the beating until the train had reached its final destination.

The NYPD said they are actively searching for the thug who attacked the elderly woman.

“This is an extremely disturbing video,” MTA spokeswoman Amanda Kwan told the New York Post. “The NYPD is actively investigating this incident and we will offer any and all assistance we can provide.”

One transit worker said he was shocked that no one bothered to help the woman.

“It’s terrible,” an MTA worker told the Post. “I can’t believe something like that could happen.”

I can assure you that would not have been the case had a grown man tried to attack a grandmother in Texas or Tennessee or Georgia.