Parents of Illegals Are Responsible for the Plight of their Children

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The only people to blame for the plight of illegal alien children are the parents who dropped them off at the border. It’s a politically incorrect thing to say but it is the truth.

And Border Patrol is doing everything within its power to accommodate the massive crowds of illegal aliens who are storming our borders on a daily basis.

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-AZ) called out the hypocrisy of Democrats on the issue during an interview on Fox Nation’s Starnes Country. Watch the entire interview by clicking here.

“We are seeing Democrats defend people who are entrusting children, toddlers, infants with drug cartels and human traffickers,” he said.

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The congressman said if an American citizen left their child in a park alone for an hour, Child Protective Services would swoop in.

However, there are Democrats who are praising parents who have literally abandoned their kids.

“If you want to stop family separation, the families that are separating their families can stay home,” Biggs said on Starnes Country.

That being the case, we are still a great and compassionate nation and we must certainly provide and care for children.

“We need to protect those children for sure, but the best way for them to be protected is for their parents to make good choices and stay home,” the congressman said.

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