PEACE! BE STILL! Hurricane Survivor Discovers Hymnal in Ruins of Home

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Hurricane Dorian destroyed nearly every home on Man-O-War Cay, a tiny island community in the Abacos. And the people there are desperate for help.

Charmaine Albury and her husband survived the storm, but they, too, are homeless. But as they surveyed the destruction of their house, the Alburys discovered something quite remarkable.

“(We) went back to salvage what we could from our house and this hymnal was on the floor open to “ Peace Be Still,” she told me.

Master, the tempest is raging!
The billows are tossing high!
The sky is o’ershadowed with blackness,
No shelter or help is nigh:
“Carest Thou not that we perish?”
How canst Thou lie asleep,
When each moment so madly is threat’ning
A grave in the angry deep?

The winds and the waves shall obey Thy will.
Peace, be still! Peace, be still!
Peace, be still! Peace, be still!
Whether the wrath of the storm-tossed sea,
Or demons, or men, or whatever it be,
No water can swallow the ship where lies
the Master of ocean and earth and skies;
They all shall sweetly obey Thy will!
Peace! Peace! be still!

The island’s gazebo was also blown away in the ferocious winds of Hurricane Dorian. But Mrs. Albury tells me there was one remnant of the structure left behind. It was a piece of wood inscribed with the words, “The Lord’s name shall be praised.”

There are some who will dismiss the discovery of the hymnbook and the religious inscription as random coincidences. Perhaps.

Or maybe, just maybe, it was a reminder that even in the storm-tossed seas, God is still in control.

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