Police Restore American Flag Mural Vandalized with Anti-Trump Messages

A beloved American flag mural in Phoenix was recently defaced with vulgar messages attacking President Trump and ICE agents. Local residents said they were appalled and called the vandalism a hate crime.

Sick thugs spray painted, “F*** Trump” and “F*** ICE” on the 18-year-old mural. Arizona Central reports the mural had been created after the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001.

After local news reports surfaced about the vandalism, several members of the Phoenix Police Department showed up to the scene and repaired the damage.

“I was touched that they would be standing out there in 105-degree weather painting this flag,” Marcy Bobbitt told Arizona Central. “It was a terrible thing to deface the American flag like that. Doesn’t matter what your political beliefs are. The flag is what it is.”

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