Powerful! Kayleigh McEnany on the Frontlines of The New American Revolution

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RNC spokeswoman and author Kayleigh McEnany joined the Todd Starnes Show  to discuss her new book and shared a powerful story of a family affected by the terrorist attack in Nice, France.

In researching for her newly released book The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement, McEnany told the Todd Starnes Show that she traveled across America to find the “forgotten man and woman” that voted for Donald Trump.

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Instead, the GOP spokeswoman found “Americans across the country on both sides of the aisle, who have had experienced heartbreak, the loss of a child to terrorism, the loss of a police officer to crime.”

She added that she didn’t set out to find Christians, but ended up finding “people who overcame the hardest darkest periods of life through their faith in Jesus Christ and their stories are miraculous, very moving to me, and it [the book] became so much more than about government, [it became] about God.”

One of those Americans McEnany met with, was Kim Copeland, whose husband and son were among those killed in the Nice, France in July 2016. McEnany recounted to the Todd Starnes Show her interview with Copeland, which occurred in a sports restaurant in Texas.

“She [Copeland] had done one short interview previously, but she really opened up to me,” McEnany said.

“Sean and Brody Copeland,” McEnany recounted. “Brody was 11, Sean was his father, and Brody was at the candy stand right along the Nice promenade, and his dad yelled ‘get out of the way,’ dove forward, and pushed his son out of the way, getting hit himself.

McEnany shared with the Todd Starnes Show the heartbreaking last moments of Sean Copeland saying, “Brody’s body was being carried back to the hotel, Sean was limping behind his body, and for the next hour and a half, he asked one question: ‘Is Brody OK?’ And he was transported more than a mile away, he was in a hospital bed, and asked ‘is Brody OK?’ repeatedly. His last words on Earth were ‘I know where Brody is,’ because he saw his little boy in Heaven and Kim said he went to be with him.”

In the days that followed, Mrs. Copeland was worried that her husband and son’s bodies would not make it back to America, McEnany said. But the pilot on the flight back to the U.S. told Copeland that he had personally checked and that they were “riding home with you.”

McEnany was particularly struck by Kim Copeland’s subsequent selflessness after losing her family. “Before she had even hit the one-year anniversary of their death, she’s already gifting to other people and giving to other people.”

McEnany said that Copeland had set up a scholarship and a Texas Longhorns baseball player was now wearing number eight, Brody’s number, in his honor. “Brody loved baseball, he wanted to be a baseball player, and now he lives on in the heart of a Texas Longhorn player every single time they put on that number 8 through his scholarship.”

The newly published author added that the Copelands are “still a family” because Kim “knows that she’ll see them again.”

The New American Revolution: The Making of a Populist Movement is available now.

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