Public Libraries Have Been Overrun by Sex & Gender Revolutionaries

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Most people expect to see books and magazines at their local library. But in these days government-run libraries have been turned into radical indoctrination centers for depravity and perversion.

That’s especially the case for a public library in Renton, Washington. Click here to listen to the story on the Todd Starnes Show Podcast. 

Lynn Meagher is a concerned parent who witnessed an explicit “Teen Pride” event at the facility, which she says gave children free condoms, lubricant, and held a raffle for “chest binders.”

“There were six of us who came to the library and our goal was to simply document what we saw,” Meagher said. “There were tables set up in the middle of the library in a big open area where anyone of any age could access it. We saw children and vendors there with information about sex.”

Planned Parenthood’s exhibit contained materials that were clearly not meant for children.

“I know it’s disgusting,” said Starnes, who posted information over the weekend about the event. “The fact that the reality is we really can’t talk about some of the stuff they were giving these children on the radio and that is appalling. Quite frankly, I think what they were doing to those children was depravity and it was criminal.”

Meagher said she believes the children were being groomed by the militant sex and gender revolutionaries.

“For example, there was a table and they were giving out information about a new prophylactic medication that people can take and, it was like the birth control pill only for HIV,” she explained. “So, if you take this every day and you engage in risky behavior you won’t get HIV.”

Meagher was told the minimum weight limit for such medication was 77 pounds.

“So, what does that tell you?” asked Starnes.

“That is like a seven-year-old, maybe, and it didn’t seem to bother them at all,” she responded.

Meagher later refused to leave when library patrons were told to disperse unless otherwise asked by their child to stay. She said she refused to leave out of concern for what might happen to underage individuals once everyone departed.

As a result of her not leaving, Meagher was physically removed from the library by police.

Meanwhile, some parents called Meagher and her companions bigots.

“They couldn’t believe how we were ruining their children’s lives and making them feel terrible and what horrible people we were,” she mourned.  “Thank you for sharing your story with us,” Starnes told Meagher.

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