Radio Host Decries Virginia’s “War of Northam Aggression”

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“I have dubbed it the War of Northam Aggression,” WRVA radio host Jeff Katz declared on The Todd Starnes Radio Show.

The Virginia radio was among the keynote speakers at a massive pro-gun demonstration outside the state capitol building in Richmond.

“Governor Northam has said ‘I don’t like guns,’ and he is so beholden to the uber leftists now that he has gone along with their entire agenda, and that includes a gun grab.”

Thousands of Second Amendment supporters piled into the streets and onto the capitol grounds – in spite of the fact that the governor declared a state of emergency — and banned citizens from bringing firearms onto government property.

“To be with thousands of folks who are law abiding citizens, gun owners, many of them carrying guns, it was probably the safest place anywhere in the entire commonwealth to be,” said Katz. “But I found people who said ‘I’ve never touched a gun, I don’t own a gun, I don’t want to own a gun, but I understand the governor has launched this attack on gun owners first and gosh, I don’t know whose rights are going to be trampled on next?’”

That, said Katz, was among the reasons he mentioned German Pastor Martin Niemoller in his speech.

“We remember that epic poem where he talks about bad people coming for this group and that group and the next group, and by the time they got to you, they got to me, there was nobody left to stand up for us,” Katz explained. “I’m hoping that inspired so many people, again, who are perhaps not Second Amendment advocates, to be on guard that it’s all about what rights that are at stake.”

As for what Katz would say to Governor Northam if he were standing nearby, Katz said he would say, “thanks.”

“Thank you for reminding everyone what your party’s real agenda is, thank you for reminding all of us that elections really do have consequences, thank you for inspiring and motivating thousands and thousands and thousands of patriotic Americans to be ready to go to the polls, (and) to vote for candidates who love and defend and support the Constitution.”

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