Raging Anti-Kavanaugh Protester Uses Child as Human Shield

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A raging mob of protesters laid siege to the nation’s capitol over the past few days – terrorizing lawmakers and trying to bully them into abandoning Judge Brett Kavanaugh.

In perhaps one of the more egregious moments, a woman accosted Sen. John Kennedy (R-LA) while she was holding a baby — a baby. And it appeared the woman was using the child as a human shield.

It’s absolutely appalling and borderline child abuse.

“What we have learned is the resistance that has existed since the day after the November 16th 2016 election is centered right here on Capitol Hill, they have encouraged mob rule,” Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) said. “When you hear things about get in their face, bother people at every restaurant where you can find a cabinet member, these are coming from public service, [they] ought to set an example of civility in American society.”