Rep. Mo Brooks: A Country That Can’t Defend its Borders is not a Country

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Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL) is praising President Trump’s decision to send troops from the National Guard to the Mexican-American border in an effort to fight illegal immigration.

President Trump proposed sending 2,000-4,000 guard troops to the border last week. On Monday, Arizona answered the call, deploying 225 members of the state National Guard with more to follow.

Texas also responded to the president’s request, offering to send 250 troops to the border last Friday.

Brooks, a former candidate for U.S. Senate in Alabama and staunch conservative, called the effort a strong move.

“A country that can’t defend its borders is not a country,” Brooks told Todd Starnes, later adding, “it’s a shame we’ve gotten to this point in American history, but if that’s what’s necessary, then we have to use our military to protect our borders.”

“We have laws by which people can be legally admitted to the United States of America, and if we have to our military forces to protect our borders against those who seek illegal entry, then so be it.”

Brooks said the move was necessary to secure borders while keeping American families and jobs safe.

Brooks also cited high crime rates from illegal immigrants as a reason for increased border security, with Starnes highlighting a White House statistic that says 1,000 illegal immigrants enter the United States every day.

“We just cannot as a nation sustain those kinds of numbers,” Starnes said.

Brooks said the cost to American taxpayers to support illegal aliens is roughly “$116 billion a year.”

“We can’t afford it,” Brooks said, adding that the funds are taken away from law-abiding American citizens.

“America has the most compassionate legal immigration system on the planet,” he said.

Brooks noted that Trump’s move to request the deployment of National Guard troops a step in the right direction, but added that more needs to be done.

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