Second Graders Exposed to “White Privilege” Lessons

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Children at a Raleigh, North Carolina grade school were given lessons on white privilege that left at least one parent demanding to know why 8-year-olds were being exposed to such radical concepts.

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Amber Pabon told television station ABC 11 that her son came home from Hunter Magnet Elementary School with one of the lessons in his folder.

“He’s 8 years old. What does he need to know about racism or white privilege?” Pabon said.

“11-Step Guide to Understanding Race, Racism, and White Privilege” was sent to every parent and child at the school. It was part of an initiative led by the PTA, not the school.

“I think the message itself is inappropriate because yes there is racism out here, and they need to learn about it. But let the parents do that,” Pabon told the television station.

“Because like I said, if she’s teaching him the way she knows, it could be completely different from the way I know. And me being part of the black community, I know different from how the white community sees it.”

The lessons, compiled by Jon Greenberg, are downright sickening. Consider this item pulled from the original lesson:

“Since Trump’s rise has emboldened racists across the country, we don’t hear much about this country being “post-racial” anymore, a concept that dominated the media during the Obama administration,” the lesson states.

The version given to students left out that racially-tinged sentence. But check out some of the other lessons:

“White dominates the culture, from our government leaders to our professors to our media stars,” the lesson read. “Yet – for the most part, for too many White Americans – whiteness remains unexamined. What does it mean to be white?” The lessons also urged students to eradicate the “idea of colorblindness.”

“The idea of ‘colorblindness’ – that being color conscious is problematic, that you ‘don’t see race’ – has been prevalent among white circles for decades,” the lesson states. “For people of color, it’s pretty tough to disregard the concept of race when you are reminded of your race regularly.”

They also gave the students data to back up their argument:

  • Congress: 90% white
  • Governors: 96% white
  • Top military advisors: 100% white
  • President and Vice President: 100% white
  • Current POTUS cabinet: 91% white
  • People who decide which TV shows we see: 93% white
  • Owners of men’s pro-football teams: 97% white

The PTA told the television station that the lessons, which are being sent home weekly, are meant for parents not students. And they have the choice to opt-out.

The school district has yet to provide a comment — which is not all that surprising.

The white privilege propaganda being distributed at Hunter Magnet Elementary School is disgusting. To shame children and their parents based on the color of their skin is simply unthinkable in this day and age.

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