Starnes: Trump is a Wartime President and the Enemy is the Deep State

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“Donald J. Trump is a wartime president, and I’m not talking about Syria. I’m talking about the Deep State,” nationally-syndicated radio host Todd Starnes declared on Tuesday.

The host of the Todd Starnes Radio Show discussed the “deep state” and its attacks on  President Trump since he was elected in 2016.

“The President is in for the fight of his life,” he continued. “And they are attacking Donald Trump so ferociously because they can’t come after you. They really want to punish you for electing Donald Trump. They want to punish you for going against the establishment.”

On Monday, news broke that the FBI had raided the home of Michael Cohen, the president’s personal attorney.

Trump responded to the incident on Twitter, calling the raid a “total witch hunt.”

Since his election, Trump has battled with those out to get him, lashing out at establishment elites in a shake-up that has changed the course of American politics.

Starnes said the raid on Cohen’s office was “nothing more than an attempt to destroy Donald Trump.”

Starnes also called out Never Trumpers working in the Mainstream Media to take down the president — singling out MSNBC’s Steve Schmidt. Schmidt, who ran John McCain’s failed presidential campaign called Trump a “dime store Mussolini.”

Starnes concluded by pointing out Americans have every reason to distrust the mainstream media when biases in coverage towards the establishment elite are so readily apparent.

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