Starnes: What’s Up With Vaccinated Folks Dying from Covid?

Colin Powell was a great American patriot and warrior. He was a trailblazer – becoming the first black Secretary of State in American history. He was appointed as a National Security Advisor during the Reagan Administration.

Powell’s family said he died of complications from the China virus – even though the four-star general had been fully vaccinated.

Fox News journalist John Roberts wondered on Twitter if Americans should be concerned about the long-term effectiveness of the vaccines. It was a valid question.

But Roberts quickly deleted the tweet after he was set upon by the pro-vaccine mob.

For whatever reason, the government and the media don’t want anyone raising questions about the effectiveness of the vaccine. And heaven help the person who asks how many people have died from the vaccine.

But one question should be addressed:

When a vaccinated person dies of complications from the China Virus, is it possible the complication was in fact the vaccine?

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