TEEN HERO: This is what men are supposed to do when people are in distress

A 16-year-old high school wrestler in New Mexico is being hailed as a hero after he stopped a man from kidnapping three small children.

Canaan Bower was at a gas station near Las Cruces when he noticed a commotion inside the store.

Police say a woman was waiting for an Uber when a man grabbed her 2-year-old and ordered her to turn over the other children.

“Punches were being thrown and (he could hear) screams of terror, so he jumped in his truck and went across the street,” Canaan Bower’s dad Troy Bower told the Las Cruces Sun-News. “By the time he got there, they had gone inside and so he got out of his truck and went inside.”

Surveillance video shows the fearless boy charging at the kidnapper and body slamming him to the ground.