Texas AG: Expect Flood of Refugees From Cities that Defund Police

Ken Paxton, the Texas attorney general, told the “Todd Starnes Radio Show” Wednesday that the first city to disband its police department in the wake of the George Floyd protests will likely become an example of lawlessness and economic disaster.


“I think you’re going to find that the first city that decides it’s going to disband the police department is going to be a city of people leaving. You’re going to see businesses leave; you’re going to see housing values drop; it’s going to traumatically harm the residents of that city,” he told host Harry Hurley, who was filling in for Todd Starnes.

Hurley jokingly asked what a homeowner should do if there’s a home invasion or domestic violence at their house, “call a psychologist or Planned Parenthood?”

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Many Democratic leaders have turned back the idea of disbanding police departments. But Lisa Bender, the president of the Minneapolis City Council, led the charge in a recent interview when she spoke about the party’s goal. She stunningly told CNN that calling the police on during a home invasion “comes from a place of privilege” and her aspirational goal is to have a “police-free society.”

Even CNN’s Chris Cuomo seemed befuddled by her response and said the idea of eliminating police “seems ridiculous to people.”

Democrats like Joe Biden, the presumptive presidential nominee, distanced themselves from calls to defund entire departments because they know that Trump’s election committee would use that issue as a surefire way to gain support.


Paxton said police officers in the country are under enormous pressure. He said, like in every profession, there are some bad cops, but that does not mean “most police officers aren’t doing the best they can with a very difficult job.”


“You don’t end the medical profession because you have a few bad doctors,” he said.

He said that you deal with these issues by coming up with legislation and oversight.

“One of the primary functions of government is to keep people safe,” he said. “You can be funding all these other programs but there’s not much more important than funding law enforcement to keep people safe.

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