TEXAS MIRACLE! Bible Untouched by Flames After Truck Fire

A Deer Park, Texas woman says she heard the voice of God telling her to pull over just moments before her pickup truck burst into flames.

Trina Carr was not injured in the incident — and neither was her Bible. And lots of folks around town are calling that an honest-to-goodness miracle.

The dash was completely burned up and turned into ash, but the Bible, which was on the dashboard, was untouched by the flames.

The Deer Park Fire Department posted photos of the Bible on its Facebook page.

“This Bible was sitting on the dash, and as you can tell from the pictures only the back cover was damaged. Only a little water on the pages other then that all were untouched by the fire,” the fire department reported.

“Thanks be to God my wife was able to pull over and get out in time. That is amazing that the Bible in the truck didn’t burn at all. God Bless,” Mike Carr wrote on Facebook.