The Todd Starnes Show Live Blog – March 19

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Todd’s Guests

1:05 Bill O’Reilly

1:30 Pat Miller, WOWO; Martha Zoller, WDUN

2:30 Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue

Todd’s Stack of Stuff

Baltimore Mayor Urges Citizens to Stop Shooting Each Other So Hospitals Can Free Up Beds For Virus Victims

Louisiana Pastor Defies Ban on Large Gathers; He Says Police Warn National Guard Might Shut Down Services

Ohio’s Republican Governor Orders Barber Shops, Salons & Tattoo Parlors to Shut Down

Buck-Naked Woman Runs Down Los Angeles Street With Dead Rat in Mouth

Spring Breakers Ignore Social Distancing Orders

Californians Calling 911 on Coughing Neighbors

Amish Say They are Not Worried about Coronavirus

LAYOFFS: Thousands of Restaurant Workers Laid off In New York City

NPR: Bats in China Carry 400+ Strains of Coronavirus

DC Restaurant Delivers Hundreds of FREE STEAKS to Senior Citizens!