Todd Starnes: Can President Trump Make California Great Again?

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Some of California’s major cities have been turned into third world slums, rife with rodents and disease thanks to the policies of Democrat leaders.

Yet in spite of the dire circumstances facing the population, many conservatives still believe their beloved state can be saved. And many believe President Trump is the only person who can provide relief. 

Kayleigh McEnany, the national press secretary for the Trump 2020 presidential campaign said on the Todd Starnes Radio Show that California is a very important state to the campaign. 

“Look at why we lost the House of Representatives in the 2018 election,” she said. “So much of that had to do with districts in California, but there’s a lot of frustrated people there that are very disheartened that the state they love has gone so far left.”

Frustrated may be an understatement.

The Fox Radio host just returned from filming a Starnes Country Town Hall at Lancaster Baptist Church – about 80 miles north of Los Angeles.

“We had about a thousand Christians who live in California (who attended the town hall),” Starnes said. “They are Trump supporters and they want to know what this president is going to do to try to save California try to make California great again.”

“I love that, because California is such an important state and it’s easy to lose sight of that because, electorally, it always goes to the Democrats, Ronald Reagan being the one exception in modern history,” McEnany stressed. “But so many Californians are getting frustrated, and they’re fleeing the state because they’re fleeing liberalism.”

“That might be a good national campaign strategy,” Starnes offered. “The president could stand on one of those heaping piles of rubble and rubbish there in the streets of Los Angeles or San Francisco and say, America, this is what Democrat policies have done. This is what Democrat rule looks like.”

Nobody wants that, but as Starnes said, that is the reality of what’s happening across California right now.

“Oh, no doubt,” responded McEnany. “Here in New York City, with Mayor de Blasio, it’s not quite to where California is yet but it’s certainly going away from the strong city that Mayor Giuliani made it, and other cities have really gone awry because of liberal policies.”

Speaking of liberal policies, one plan being pushed by Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg would do away with the Electoral College. What does the Trump campaign have to say about that approach?

“Last time, I checked we are a country with 50 states, and all of these states to matter,” responded McEnany. “When you start letting New York and California rule the day, that does not work, nor is it fair.”

Doing away with the electoral college and replacing with a ‘popular vote wins all’ system would mean candidates will only campaign in big cities. Even Californians such as the ones in Lancaster could be ignored if a candidate focuses only on San Francisco and Los Angeles.

“That would be horrifying,” said Starnes. “I don’t think the average American citizen would want those Democrats in those large cities deciding their future and quite frankly running the country. But I suspect ,Kayleigh, that you’re going to see more and more Democrats embrace this call to get rid of the Electoral College.”

McEnany agreed.

“We’ve already seen it from so many of these contenders when they are upset with the results of an election,” she added. “They are upset that President Trump won the Electoral College. They were upset after President George W. Bush was elected. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the Constitution. They want to get rid of it.”

The Starnes Country California Town Hall will be broadcast on Fox Nation on Thursday. Click here to watch. 

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