Todd Starnes Show Caller Condemns ‘Demon-Rat’ Party

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The following is a rush transcript of The Todd Starnes Radio Show. Tim Van Horn, from KWAM, filled in for Todd.

Tim Van Horn: [00:09:33] Let’s go to Jerri Lynn in Georgia on world-famous WDUN. Jerri Lynn, thank you for joining me today on the Todd Starnes Show. How are you?

Jerri Lynn: Hey, Tim. Happy birthday, honey. I wish you all the blessings.

Tim Van Horn: Thank you so much. It’s great to be here today and it’s great to hear from my friends in northern Georgia. How’s the weather down there?

Jerri Lynn: Hot and humid, honey.

Tim Van Horn: That’s the south. It’s the way we like it. It’s the only way we can drink sweet tea.

Jerri Lynn: I know it. I know it, Mr. Tim. Well, Mr. Tim, my wish if I did have one of your birthday wishes, would be that the Demon Rat Party would die. We would never. They would go away, Tim. We’d never hear from any of them again, ever.

Tim Van Horn: I like unambiguous birthday wishes. I, I like the where you’re going with that because you’re very specific with that. And I’m going to write that I’m going to keep a list of these because at some point later today, I got to blow out birthday candles on a cake and I got to pick something from somebody. And so I’m writing that down after happy birthday. I may have demon rats in the back of my mind as I’m getting ready to blow out the… How’s that for a visual, Jerri Lynn?

Jerri Lynn: I love it, Mr. Tim.

Tim Van Horn: Tell me about Georgia

Jerri Lynn: Tim, I’m gonna you something. Okay. Georgia. Georgia’s primary, you know, was just recently. Okay. Well, a friend of mine, Mr. Tim worked the polls. Okay. So she called me that night when she got in. She said, Jerri Lynn something’s not right here. I said, Oh, gosh. What? I said, It can’t be anything to do now because it’s the Republican Party. She said, Yep, it is. So she couldn’t put her finger on it. Tim, So she started going back to the register now. Honey, you know, Tim that over 100,000 Demon Rats voted in the Republican primary in Georgia and that’s why Kenp and Rafensberger went back in. Did you know that? Because we can’t stand either one of them.

Tim Van Horn: It sounds like operation chaos where they did that to force Republicans to hold their nose for the general election from what you’re telling me. But wait a second. I have to question you right off the bat, Jerri Lynn because voter I.D. is racist. How did so many Democrats get to vote?

Jerri Lynn: Beacuse It is not. I said the same thing, Mr. Tim. Okay. Come to find out that is not illegal in Georgia. We are so backwooded that no matter if you’re a registered Democrat or Republican, you can vote in the primary however you want to vote. And they did it because if Jody Hice and Perdue had gone in, they were going to from day one, they stated they were going to do a voter fraud investigation so that the Demon rats didn’t want that.

Tim Van Horn: Oh, goodness gracious. Well, I then I would assume that many of our conservative friends down listening to WDUN may feel the same way. Are you excited that Herschel Walker could be your next senator?

Jerri Lynn: Yes, absolutely. And Tim, let me tell you, we watched Trump’s rally Saturday night. Last Saturday night. You know what he said?

Tim Van Horn: What did he say?

Jerri Lynn: When he got off the plane. He said when he got off the plane, Tim. Kemp was standing there and handed him a cap, a hat. He didn’t say, hat, I’m sorry. And he said, I don’t need a hat. What I need is for you not to allow the Democrat Party to vote in a Republican primary. So there you go. There you go.

Tim Van Horn: Try them apples on for size for sure. Jerri Lynn, thank you for joining me this morning and thank you for your suggestion for the birthday wish.

Jerri Lynn: Happy birthday, honey. And I love all of y’all. Kyle, Grace, Todd, you I love all of y’all, honey. I listen to you every single day.

Tim Van Horn: Well, thank you, sweetheart.

Jerri Lynn: I’m going to make that Grace my daughter.

Tim Van Horn: Yeah, well, I’ll tell you what. You call her back and get her birthday, because if you’re going to make that promise, you got to come good on birthday and Christmas. Okay.

Jerri Lynn: Oh, absolutely, Mr. Tim. Love you, honey. And happy happy birthday.

Tim Van Horn: All right. Thank you, Jerri Lynn.

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