Todd Starnes Show – Dec 13


12:05pm- No Mo(o)re! Democrat Doug Jones has pulled off a major upset in Alabama by defeating Republican Roy Moore in Tuesday’s special election, becoming the first Democrat to win election to the Senate from the deeply conservative state in 25 years. “We have come so far and the people of Alabama have spoken,” Jones said during a victory speech in Birmingham late Tuesday.  But in a late-night speech to supporters, Moore refused to concede. Moore told the crowd that when the “vote is this close…it’s not over.” With 100 percent of precincts reporting, Jones had 49.9 percent to Moore’s 48.4 percent. Moore said the campaign was looking into the state’s “recount provision.” Under Alabama law, a mandatory recount takes place if a candidate wins by a half percentage point or less.  “We also know that God is always in control,” he said. Bill Armistead, his campaign chairman, floated a possible recount late Tuesday. Other Republicans, though, already accepted the outcome. In a tweet, President Trump congratulated Jones on his “hard fought victory.”

12:20pm- Question: How do you feel about last night’s outcome? Who is to blame? 888-788-9910

12:30pmGuest: Dave Mack, morning host of the Dave Mack Show and Program Director of WDNG in Anniston, Alabama


1:05pm- “Bleeping Idiot” Text messages between FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page in 2016 that were obtained by Fox News on Tuesday refer to then-candidate Donald Trump as a “loathsome human” and “an idiot.” More than 10,000 texts between Strzok and Page were being reviewed by the Justice Department after Strzok was removed from Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe after it was revealed that some of them contained anti-Trump content. The messages were sent during the 2016 campaign and contain discussions about various candidates.

1:30pm- Say What? The city allowed Colin Kaepernick to make a surprise visit to Rikers Island Tuesday to meet with inmates — enraging correction officers who feel the stunt will only endanger them. The former San Francisco 49ers star spoke to groups of inmates during two 45 minute sessions at the jail’s George Motchan Detention Center Tuesday morning where he pontificated on social justice issues and talked about his decision to kneel during the national anthem, sparking nationwide outrage. “That’s crazy to me to have a person like Colin Kaepernick in prison talking about police brutality,” said an officer who attended the event. “It was insulting for me to be there.” “In the inmate’s eyes, we are the police when they’re locked up.” The morning started off with Kaepernick attending breakfast in the warden’s office before heading over to the “Peace Center” where he conducted two 45 minutes sessions with prisoners clad in gray jumpsuits. The first group included 14 inmates including six adults and eight adolescents.

1:50pm- Dennis Rodman Suggests Kim Jong Un’s A Decent Guy Who Got Dealt A Bad Hand


2:05pm – Cyber Bully? A day after President Trump called her out in a tweet, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-N.Y.) hit back in an appearance on the “Today” show, calling Trump a “bully” and the tweet a “sexist smear.” In Trump’s Tuesday-morning tweet, he said Gillibrand used to go to his New York office “’begging’ for campaign contributions” and “would do anything for them.” Trump also mocked Gillibrand as a “lightweight” and “a total flunky” for Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.). Trump’s words were widely criticized as sexually suggestive and demeaning, though White House denied there was anything sexually inappropriate about the post.  

2:30pm- Too Blessed to Be Stressed! Arguments about the gift-giving budget, unrealistic expectations for the perfect Christmas, demanding time constraints, a house full of people, and maybe even something burning in the oven. All of these stressors can contribute to a miserable Christmas—and a horrible New Year. But Dr. Paul and Terrie Chappell, married for 37 years and authors of the new, travel-themed marriage guide, “Are We There Yet? Marriage—a Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples,” say that one word can help ease the tension of the holidays—communication. Guest: Dr. Paul Chappell is the senior pastor of the Lancaster Baptist Church and president of West Coast Baptist College in Lancaster, California. His biblical vision has led the church to become one of the most dynamic independent Baptist churches in the nation. His new book is, Are We There Yet? Marriage—a Perfect Journey for Imperfect Couples.”

2:50pm- Diet Coke may not be so bad for you after all!

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