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Chris Kaines, the chair of Pierce Transit’s advisory board, said on Twitter “The train has derailed. Emergency crews are on the scene. Massive damage. People are hurt.” He said the train appeared to have hit a truck, adding that the car was “destroyed.”

Amtrak said it was “aware of an incident involving Amtrak train 501,” its “Cascades” service from Seattle to Portland, Ore. Service heading south of Seattle is temporarily suspended as of 8 a.m.

12:05pm- Chaos! Hundreds of flights have been canceled for Monday after a massive power outage at the Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport snarled air travel throughout the country a day earlier. A statement on Delta’s website confirmed that nearly 1,000 flights were cancelled on Sunday and that an additional 300 flights were canceled for Monday “to give the operation there an opportunity to more quickly return to normal.” Delta runs a large operation in Atlanta, making it the airline’s busiest hub, USA Today reported. The power outage affected the entire airport on Sunday afternoon and was restored later that night. Georgia Power told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution that it believes a failure of its equipment may have started the fire.

12:20pm- Guest: Benji Backer, president of the American Conservation Coalition—it’s a national, millennial-led conservative environmental organization. 

12:50pm- Our next guest says he’s gotten assurance from the House Judiciary Committee chairman that subpoenas will be issued for some senior FBI and Justice Department officials amid allegations of partisan prejudice. Guest: Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH-4)—member of the House Freedom Caucus 



1:05pm- Fire Him? President Trump on Sunday blasted special counsel Robert Mueller for obtaining “unauthorized” access to thousands of emails sent and received by his presidential transition team before the start of his administration. “Not looking good, it’s not looking good,” Trump said on Sunday. “It’s quite sad to see that– my people were very upset about it. I can’t imagine there’s anything on them, frankly, because, as we’ve said, there’s no collusion, no collusion whatsoever.” The New York Times reported that Mueller’s office issued a statement on Sunday defending how it obtained the information. “When we have obtained emails in the course of our ongoing criminal investigation, we have secured either the account owner’s consent or appropriate criminal process,” said Peter Carr, a spokesman said. Mueller’s investigators obtained the emails from the General Services Administration, a federal agency that stored the material, rather than request them from Trump’s still-existing transition group, Trump for America, Kory Langhofer, the general counsel for the transition group, said in a letter sent to two congressional committees. 1:10pmET Guest: Gregg Jarrett, legal and political analyst for the Fox News Channel.

1:20pm- Question: Should Trump fire Mueller? 888-788-9910

1:30pm- Send in The UN? Cook County Commissioner Richard Boykin headed to the United Nations in New York Thursday to ask for help fighting violence in Chicago. “I’m hoping to appeal the UN to actually come to Chicago and meet with victims of violence and maybe even possibly help out in terms of peace keeping efforts,” Boykin said. Boykin boarded a plane to New York City for a meeting with an Assistant Secretary General of the United Nations. It’s a meeting that’s been planned for more than a month and stems from disconcerting violence numbers seen this year in Chicago. Violence which is felt particularly hard in many African American communities. “We’ve had over 600 people killed by gun violence already this year alone. That is a huge number, in my community of Austin we’ve had 450 people shot and 80 people killed this year alone 18 so we have to do more to protect these communities,” Boykin said. The mayor’s office says the call for UN peacekeepers is a political stunt. The police superintendent said it’s a nice idea, but it’s not the answer to Chicago’s violence.


2:05pm – In Defense of Fox! Todd sorts through the latest Fox News attacks from the other networks 

2:30pm- Turn It Off! Are you one of those people that can’t stand hearing Christmas songs months before the holiday actually arrives? Does hearing festive carols weeks before Thanksgiving only make you upset that you haven’t eaten your turkey yet? A psychologist in Great Britain says your reactions don’t make you a Grinch because too much Christmas music is actually bad for your mental health. Clinical psychologist Linda Blair claims the constant barrage of Christmas tunes too early in the season forces people to remember all the things they have to do before the holiday. Blair says the songs are a reminder to buy presents, cater parties, organize travel, and all the more stressful chores during Christmas.  Question: Does Christmas music drive you crazy? Which songs are the worst? 888-788-9910

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