Todd Starnes Show – Feb 20


12:05pm Protest! Students are in the middle of a lie-in protest outside the White House over gun laws just days after 17 people were killed in the Florida high school shooting massacre. Groups of students from Washington DC staged the protest on Monday on a road leading to the White House. They took turns lying on the road for three minutes – the same amount of time 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz went on a firing spree at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last week. Other students stood by holding signs that read ‘Am I next?’ and ‘Is Congress or the NRA making our laws?’

12:20pm- Prepared! The sheriff of a suburban Ohio county wants to stop school shootings — by arming the teachers. On Sunday, Sheriff Richard K. Jones of Butler County put teeth behind that recommendation, taking to social media an offer to teach any willing educator for free. And they seemingly want the training. Sheriff Jones, whose county lies adjacent to Cincinnati, said on a Facebook video the day after the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Florida that “the current way we do things in the school system needs to be changed.” In the video, he said there needs to be “armed guards in the schools, we need to look at metal detectors. This is not going to stop or go away, but we need to be prepared and not have our heads in the sand.” Guest: Sheriff Richard Jones  

12:50pm- Jennifer Lawrence to quit acting for a year to ‘fix our democracy’


1:05pm- Lowest of the Low! A suburban Los Angeles councilman is refusing calls for his resignation and defending his anti-military rant by comparing military service with working in a fast-food restaurant. Pico Rivera Councilman Gregory Salcido is on leave from his teaching position at El Rancho High School after disparaging military service in a tirade that compared military recruiters to pimps. Salcido’s comments, recorded by a student last month, went viral on social media. The controversy drew an overflow crowd to the Pico Rivera council meeting Tuesday night, with dozens of speakers blasting Salcido as disrespectful and un-American. Our next guest says Salcido “disgraced us, disgraced this city, disgraced this nation”.  Guest: Councilman for Pico Rivera, CA Bob Archuleta. 

1:30pm- Questionable Questionnaire! A Birdville school district teacher has been disciplined after assigning sixth-grade students a survey that asked them to rate their comfort level with being asked to visit a gay bar or having a Palestinian-Muslim roommate. The questionnaire titled, “How Comfortable Am I,” was not age-appropriate for sixth-grade students, according to several parents from North Richland Middle interviewed by Star-Telegram media partner WFAA. The middle school is in North Richland Hills. Ashley Brent told the Star-Telegram she was shocked when her 12-year-old son came home on Feb. 7 and showed her the questionnaire. He took pictures of the 41-question survey because it made him uncomfortable. Brent’s son told her: “Mom, they gave us a really weird test in class today.” Todd discusses.


2:05pm – Bringing Prayer Back! Our next guest says the Florida school shooting should be a sign that it is time to return prayer to the public school classroom.Guest: Steve Lonegon, NJ Congressional candidate (R-NJ)   

2:30pm- When Harry Became Sally! Guest: Ryan Anderson, senior research fellow at the conservative Heritage Foundation, author of “ When Harry became Sally” You can check it out on https://www.amazon.com/When-Harry-Became-Sally-Transgender-ebook/dp/B06Y39GXWF

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