Todd Starnes Show – Jan 11


12:05pm- Vicious! Carjacked, thrown to the ground, and driven over with his own car. Right now, Baltimore County police are looking for two other teens still wanted in connection with the carjacking that left a man seriously injured. The victim, identified as 69-year-old Jim Willinghan, is still recovering at Shock Trauma, but his wife says he will be moved to another facility to undergo six months of rehab for his broken pelvis. Last Wednesday morning, Baltimore County police say six teens viciously carjacked, assaulted, and drove over Willinghan. 

12:30pm– Guest: Marc Lotter, President of Lotter Communications, former Assistant to POTUS, former Press Secretary for VPOTUS

  • DACA
  • Trump’s tax plan

12:50pm-  Lavish Obama Center Hits Mounting Opposition In Chicago


1:05pm- She’s Got Legs! Fox and Friends’ Janice Dean is fighting back after a viewer said her legs are “distracting.” The meteorologist, who has multiple sclerosis, shared the viewer’s note and her own response on her Facebook page on Monday night. “I’m sorry if you don’t like my legs. I’m grateful I have them to walk with,” Dean responded. “You’re right. I don’t look like the typical person on TV, and I’m proud to be a size 10. Imagine that! You can always turn the channel if you’re offended by my huge legs.” Dean writes in an editorial for FoxNews.com that the reaction online was “overwhelming,” with people reaching out in support. She also adds that her perspective on her legs has changed over the years, especially after her multiple sclerosis diagnosis. Guest: Janice Dean, senior meteorologist for Fox News Channel. She is author of three children’s books about weather. Her latest is Fred the Frogcaster & the Flash Flood.

#MAGA! Walmart’s workers will soon reap the benefits of the recent tax law changes, as the world’s largest private employer raises its starting wage, creates new benefits and distributes bonuses to eligible workers. The big-box retailer announced Thursday it will increase its starting wage rate for hourly employees in the U.S. to $11, and expand maternity and parental leave benefits. Currently, Walmart’s starting wage is $9 until workers complete a training program. Then, they receive $10. Walmart will also pay a one-time cash bonus to eligible employees of as much as $1,000. The payouts, which should total roughly $400 million, will result in a one-time charge that the company will take in the fourth quarter of this year.

  • In the wake of minimum wage hikes around the country, a chain hopes to save some money.  Red Robin announced Monday it plans to cut bus boys from 570 restaurants. The move will save the company about $8 million over 2018.  The move particularly impacts West Coast restaurants, where the chain has a larger presence, and where wages have risen faster.  Chief Financial Officer Guy Constant says this change is needed to “address the labor increases we’ve seen.
  • “Bret Baier challenges Senator Warren about her opposition to the tax reform law, after a utility in her state announced the legislation moved them to cut rates to her constituents.

1:50pm- Alarmist Scientists Announce The Latest Climate Threat: Transgender Turtles


2:05pm – Blocked! Amid criticism, Trevecca Nazarene University has withdrawn as a venue this month for a controversial event organized by Republican gubernatorial candidate Mae Beavers. The Jan. 25 “Homeland Security Summit” will feature three speakers known by critics for espousing anti-Muslim views, including Bill French — listed on promotional materials under his pen name “Bill Warner” — Cathy Hinners and John Guandolo. “It’s kind of a who’s who of Islamaphobes,” said Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR. “The themes are always the same: Muslims are about to take over the country and install sharia in place of the Constitution, and mosques are hotbeds of extremism.” Beavers released a statement on Wednesday describing Trevecca’s decision as “caving to Islamic pressure” and said the university had “abandoned Biblical principles in order embrace [sic] political correctness and promote the interests of those who deny Christ.” Guest: Mae Beavers, Republican Candidate for Governor  in TN & former State Senator.

2:30pm- Todd Starnes Trivia!

2:50pm- Schools attempt to band best friends… REALLY?

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