Todd Starnes Show – Jan 16


12:05pm- Deal Or No Deal! The White House on Tuesday pushed back on the notion that President Trump’s “shithole countries” comments derailed negotiations on immigration and spending. White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders blamed Democrats for the stalled talks. “I think they’re using it as an excuse not to help this president get something accomplished, which I think is a sad day for our country,” she told reporters outside the West Wing. She accused Democrats of being too “willing to throw away the progress in negotiations” on government funding, defense spending and the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program. Trump set off a firestorm in Washington last week when he reportedly used vulgar and insulting language to describe African immigrants during an Oval Office meeting.

12:20pm- MLK Day of Hate..for Trump? It seems that no national holiday is exempt from the media’s need for political controversy. On what should be a day for Americans to put aside politics and come together to honor the legacy of an extraordinary American, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., the media has decided instead to seize upon it as yet another opportunity to further sow the division and partisan polarization already plaguing our country …

12:50pm- Christine’s New Jersey! Incoming NJ Governor To Establish An Agency To Aid Illegal Immigrants


1:05pm- Shut Down? It may take a government shutdown Friday night to force a solution to all of this. That’s the sense several members of Congress from both sides of the aisle expressed to Fox News over the weekend as lawmakers and the Trump administration find themselves at odds over government funding and DACA for the fourth time since September. Guest: Chad Pergram, covers Congress for Fox News  

1:30pm- Hate Trump Media! The first year of the Trump administration was as turbulent for the news media as it was for politics, with many journalists dropping any pretense of professionalism to become strident opponents of the President. As a proxy for the larger establishment media, the Media Research Center analyzed every moment of coverage of President Trump last year on the ABC, CBS and NBC evening newscasts, usually seen by more than 25 million people each night. The major findings: Guest: Rich Noyes is currently Research Director at the Media Research Center where he is co-editor of Notable Quotables, MRC’s bi-weekly compilation of the latest outrageous, sometimes humorous, quotes in the liberal media, and the Media Reality Check, a regular analysis of how major news stories are distorted or ignored. 

1:50pm- The Most Popular Name For Newborn Boys In The Netherlands—Mohammed


2:05pm – Banned! Christian actor Kevin Sorbo has been barred from making an appearance at a Comicon later this year for the simple reason that he is friends with conservatives like Fox News host Sean Hannity. Sorbo, who is known for his role as Hercules in the 1995 movie “Hercules: The Legendary Journeys,” was turned down from making a celebrity appearance at the East Coast Comicon in New Jersey that will take place in late April. PJ Media reports that event organizer and comic book artist Cliff Galbraith bragged on social media last week about turning away the 59-year-old Sorbo, who holds Christian conservative beliefs and has spoken in the past at Family Research Council’s Values Voters Summit in Washington, D.C. In a Facebook post, Galbraith said, “I turned down Kevin Sorbo for East Comicon. He pal’s (SIC) with Sean Hannity.” “I just can’t do it,” Galbraith asserted. Guest: Kevin Sorbo, Christian actor 

2:30pm- Guest: Shellie Rushing Tomlinson is a popular storytelling humorist and the host of the radio talk show, ATS LIVE! She and her husband live and farm in northeast Louisiana. Her latest release, Devotions for the Hungry Heart is in bookstores now!  For more information, visit Shellie at belleofallthingssouthern.com

2:50pm- Salisbury City Council eliminates prayer, establishes moment of silence before meetings

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