Todd Starnes Show – Jan 23


12:05pm- Please Stand! The national veteran’s organization, AMVETS, claims they were approached by the NFL to put an ad in the program that will be handed out at Super Bowl LLI, only to have their ad rejected because of two words. The full page ad cost $30,000 for the non-profit. It has a military color guard holding an American flag with the words “please stand.” According to our next guest, AMVETS National Executive Director Joseph Chenell, those words are causing an issue. “We had actually been a little self-critical. Anything that goes out with an investment of that size, our entire team looks at it, and some in our team thought we weren’t quite bold enough and that we could take the NFL to task for allowing this. But the prevailing opinion here is that was not what we wanted,” said Chenell. “We just wanted a simple, straightforward message, and we were surprised the NFL rejected that.”

12:20pm- Guest: Executive Director, Marine veteran Joe Chenelly  

12:30pm- Open/Calls/Audio Or Move to Immigration! President Donald Trump says “nobody knows” whether Republicans and Democrats can reach an immigration deal by a new Feb. 8 deadline. He says Democrats learned that shutting down the government won’t work. Trump tweeted Tuesday: “Nobody knows for sure that the Republicans & Democrats will be able to reach a deal on DACA by February 8, but everyone will be trying….with a big additional focus put on Military Strength and Border Security. The Dems have just learned that a Shutdown is not the answer!” Insistence by Senate Democrats on protections for young immigrants living in the country illegally led to a shutdown. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s pledge to take up immigration proposals cleared the way for a temporary spending bill funding the government through Feb. 8.

12:50pm- Alleged Drunk Driver To Cops: Hey, My Tesla Was On Autopilot


1:05pm- Change of Heart? Our next guest was once a #nevertrumper, but has he had a change of heart? Guest: Steve Deace, CRTV host  

1:30pm- Secret Society! Two top FBI officials under fire for exchanging anti-Trump text messages during the 2016 election spoke of a “secret society” the day after President Trump’s victory, according to two lawmakers with knowledge of the messages. Peter Strzok — a top counterintelligence official involved in both the Hillary Clinton email probe and FBI Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s Russia probe — exchanged more than 50,000 messages with senior FBI lawyer Lisa Page, with whom he was romantically involved. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee Chairman Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., and Rep. John Ratcliffe, R-Texas, said Monday that among the messages the pair exchanged are references to a “secret society” within the Department of Justice and the FBI. “We learned today about information that in the immediate aftermath of [Trump’s] election, that there may have been a secret society of folks within the Department of Justice and the FBI — to include Page and Strzok — that would be working against him,” Ratcliffe said.

1:50pm- “Morning Joe” host Joe Scarborough has released a new single he says was inspired by the Women’s March, which celebrated its first anniversary Saturday.


2:30pm– Guest: Catherine Herridge Chief Intelligence correspondent for FNC

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