Todd Starnes Show – March 8

1:05 – No End To Sanctuary Cities? Earlier this week, a federal judge turned down a request from the state of California to put an immediate stop to enforcement of a key part of the Trump administration policy aimed at punishing so-called “sanctuary cities” and other jurisdictions seeking to protect undocumented immigrants. Will President Trump’s plan to eliminate sanctuary cities EVER happen? Guests – Francisco Hernandez, Texas Immigration Attorney and Dan Stein, President of FAIR (Federation for American Immigration Reform) 

1:35 – An End To A Team’s Prayer? An Oklahoma school district has banned a local Baptist pastor from praying with a high school football team following a complaint filed by a leading atheist legal group. Putnam City Schools will no longer allow the Rev. Mike Keahbone of Cherokee Hills Baptist Church to lead the Putnam City High football team in prayer. Keahbone has also led an initiative to get his church community more involved to support players whose parents aren’t able to go to the games themselves.

Guest – Rev. Mike Keahbone of Cherokee Hills Baptist Church

12:05 Is California The New Dixie? Gov. Jerry Brown says the United States has declared war on California. Well, I hate to break it to the governor but his state has been invaded – overrun by illegals – and President Trump is tasked with defending the sovereignty of our great nation

12:35 – The War Between Jeff Sessions and California/The War on Guns