Vaccine Mandate Protests Sweep Across the Nation. Will You Comply?

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio’s vaccine mandate is in effect as of today. First responders are not “responding” to this fascist demand, as thousands have called in sick.

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Tim’s Guests:

1:35 ET Jeff Katz, host of The Jeff Katz Show

1:50 ET Shawn Farash, Viral Trump Impersonator, & Founder of The Loud Majority

2:05 ET Rep. Greg Murphy (R-NC)

2:35 ET Matt Sharp, ADF

Tim’s Stack of Stuff:

FDNY union boss again warns of slowed response times as vax mandate goes into effect

Press secretary Jen Psaki tests positive for COVID-19

Virginia mom claims white daughter asked if she was ‘born evil’ after history lesson

Who Did That? Southwest Promises to Seek out ‘Let’s Go, Brandon’ Pilot

Poll shows most Americans reject Build Back Better: More people believe Biden’s infrastructure spending bill will hurt them more than help them

Bill Maher: If critical race theory means ‘separating 5-year-olds by race,’ then ‘I’m out’

NYC employees on unpaid leave after COVID-19 vaccine deadline passes

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My Sweet Love by George Harris

Wizard of Finance by Parliament

Moonlight Feels Right by Starbuck

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