Van Driver Says He Tried to Run Over Republicans Because He “Does Not Like Donald Trump”

There are more disturbing revelations about last weekend’s politically motivated terrorist attack on Republican volunteers in Jacksonville, Florida (a story the national media refuses to cover).

Gregory Timm was arrested after he rammed a voter registration tent in a Walmart parking lot. Several Republican volunteers had to scramble to avoid being run over by the lunatic. Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.

“The suspect that he does not like President Trump,” the redacted police report read. “The suspect was upset that the video ended before ‘the good part’ as he described it.”

A portion of why Timm tried to run over the Republicans was also redacted, but the report mentioned that “someone had to take a stand.”

“This act of cowardice will not silence us, and we remain resilient,” GOP chairperson Ronna McDaniel said.

I’d sure like to know what was redacted in that report. I wonder if it included words like “Antifa” or “Democrat”?

Click here to read the redacted police report.

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