WATCH: Looters Casually Plunder San Francisco Walgreens

A pair of coronavirus looters casually stuffed bags full of merchandise at a San Francisco Walgreens.

Staffers and customers watched as the couple lugged the pilfered products out of the store – and not a single person intervened.

“Pieces of s***,” the person recording the video can be heard saying. “I hope you overdose.”

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Critics are blaming California’s “No Arrest” policy when it comes to crimes like shoplifting.

In 2014 the state approved a law that made nonviolent offenses such as shoplifting misdemeanors.

One observer noted there would’ve been a different outcome had he been in the store.

“If I were to witness this, two things would happen: 1) the store would be getting all of their stuff back 2) I would be spending several nights in jail Use your imagination,” the man wrote on Twitter.

A few weeks ago another San Francisco Walgreens was looted by criminals. This is Nancy Pelosi’s America.