WATCH: New York City Thugs Dump Water on Police Officers

A gang of thugs dumped water on New York City police officers as they tried to arrest a suspect. One of the officers was beaned in the back of his head with a bucket..

“Everybody’s outraged,” an NYPD source told the New York Post. “It’s disgusting, embarrassing. There’s lawlessness around here now.”

The Police Benevolent Association condemned the attacks.

“Our anti-cop lawmakers have gotten their wish: the NYPD is now frozen. It’s not the fault of these police officers. It’s the end result of the torrent of bad policies and anti-police rhetoric that has been streaming out of City Hall and Albany for years now,” PBA president Patrick Lynch said in a statement.

Disorder Controls the Streets

He warned New York City was approaching the point of no return.

“Disorder controls the streets, and our elected leaders refuse to allow us to take them back. As police officers, we need to draw a line. In situations like this, we need to take action to protect ourselves and the public,” he said.

God bless those police officers. I’m not sure I would’ve had that much patience or restraint.

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