WATCH: Protester Yells “Hail Satan” at Washington State Pro-Lifers

Pro-lifers at Whatcom Community College in Washington State were accosted over the weekend by a number of protesters – including one woman who pledged allegiance to Satan. Video of the incident is posted below.

“Satan is the one true Lord. Satan is our Lord,” the motorist said.

“We will pray for you,” the pro-lifers responded.

“We don’t need your prayers,” the motorist said before driving off. “Hail Satan.”

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Students For Life president Kristan Hawkins said another individual threw a vial of liquid at the pro-lifers.

A man rode his bike past four students and threw a glass vile at them. It shattered and police were called to make sure it wasn’t dangerous or harmful. The fire department tested and cleaned up the fluid, washing it away. 

Whatcom Students for Life bravely stood up against the threats of intimidation and the obscenities hurled at them by violent pro-choicers,” she said. “Abortion advocates are becoming more violent against those who advocate for the innocent, but we will not be silenced.”