Why Wasn’t She Fired? Museum Director Who Hoped Republicans Would Die Resigns

Earlier this week Pioneer City County Museum director Melonnie Hicks wished Republicans would die. Now, she is unemployed. Click here for our first story.

“I hope every single one of you pieces of s**t that votes republican, dies today,” Melonnie Hicks allegedly wrote on her Facebook page.

If nothing else social media has been quite helpful in outing Trump Derangement Syndrome across the fruited plain.

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The museum’s board of directors held an emergency meeting on Friday, but instead of firing Ms. Hicks, they allowed her to resign.

“The Board firmly believes that the Museum exists to tell the story of all people in Nolan County, regardless of identity or political belief.” Pioneer City County Museum Director Matt Counts says. “While we do not condone in any way the statements made by Ms. Hicks, we do recognize and thank her for her many years of excellent service to this Museum and to this community.”

“Ms. Hicks, may the love and grace of the Lord Jesus Christ wash over you. And may you lose your job,” wrote one critic on Facebook.

But not everyone around town believes the museum manager should lose her job.

“Not that I agree with her, but it’s her personal social media,” one observer wrote on Facebook. “The Constitution guarantees us freedom of speech. It should not affect her job, she’s welcome to have an opinion on anything she chooses.”

“Thank God someone wearing a MAGA didn’t say this about Democrats,” another person chimed in.

That’s a fair point. If Trump supporters had wished death on Bernie Sanders or Barack Obama voters they would have been brought up on hate crime charges.

Honestly, we should be more worried about Trump Derangement Syndrome than the Coronavirus.

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