ANTI-WOMAN: Adidas Ad Campaign Celebrates Biological Men Who Compete as Women

Adidas is pushing for biological males to crush women on the court in its latest “Impossible Is Nothing” ad campaign.

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Should men be able to compete in women's sports?

Featuring several athletes, including Brazilian volleyball player, Tiffany Abreu, a biological male, the German company makes no mistake where it stands on transgender athletes.

“Not only is she an unstoppable athlete, but she also uses her voice to encourage others to embrace their own identities,” Adidas writes.

Abreu competed as a man for Superliga A and B in Brazil, and other championships in the leagues of Indonesia, Portugal, Spain, France, the Netherlands, and Belgium. Abreu also ran as a candidate for the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party in 2018.

“I play for Brazil and for all trans women. So when you cheer my name, we all win — on and off the court,” Abreu said in Portuguese. “My story is not impossible. Because I’m possible.”

In a general ad celebrating women in sports, Abreu is featured as the transgender representative.

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“It’s impossible to take hold of the world’s spotlight overnight, create your own uniform, be a cover model, a powerful athlete, or compete as a trans woman,” the ad began. “Impossible? No. I’m possible.”

The ad ended with “Impossible Is Nothing” with the Adidas logo.