Balless Golfer Wants to Play with the Gals

A biological male, who identifies as a woman, is complaining about trying to qualify for professional women’s golfing.

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Should bioligical males be able to compete against women?

Hailey Davidson, who reportedly underwent gender reassignment surgery in 2021, wants to become the first transgender golfer in the Ladies Professional Golf Association (LPGA), but complained on Instagram.

“I love being slow played to death…I’m sorry but if you mark every 18 inch putt you have and then treat it like a 30 footer, you really arent helping yourself at all,” Davidson wrote. “Honestly what kills me the most is knowing that even if im lucky enough to advance to Stage 3, I can’t even afford the entry fee to sign up.”


On Sunday, Davidson added, “What a way to end the @lpga_tour Q School week this year. From the threats and hate to now a car accident…all good. Just some whiplash but nothing bad for anyone invovled.”

The 29-year-old balless golfer needs to shoot under 88 one more time to go to Stage II in October, Fox News reports.

“I guess that’s what frustrates me the most. If I play bad, then people will feel justified, ‘Oh well, she played bad and wasn’t good enough.,’” Davidson told GolfWeek in 2021. “If I do anything good, it won’t be because of the fact that I put my whole life into this — it would be because I’m trans.”

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But many say it’s unfair.

“No. Not fair at all,” Judy Murray, an elite tennis coach, tweeted over the weekend. “Protect women’s sport. Listen to the facts, the scientists and the medics. This is wrong.”

Davidson competed as a male at the U.S. Open local qualifying in 2015 at Admiral’s Cove in Jupiter, Florida, Golfweek reports.

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The New York Post reports that Davidson hits the ball 15 mph slower after undergoing hormone treatments beginning in 2015.

The LPGA removed the “female at birth” requirement in 2010.

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