Famous Surfer Bethany Hamilton Speaks Out Against Men Competing In Women’s Surfing

Bethany Hamilton, a famous Christian surfer, is standing up for women in her sport after the World Surf League (WSL) announced it would allow biological males to compete in women’s competitions.

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Hamilton went so far as to say if the rule remains, she will no longer surf in competitions sponsored by the organization.

In a video, the surfing champion voiced her concerns with the rule.

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Hamilton began the video by ensuring viewers that she tries to love everyone but felt she had to speak up.

“I feel that I must speak up and stand up for those in a position that may feel that they cannot say something about this,” she said. “I think many of the girls currently on tour are not in support with this new rule, and they fear being ostracized if they speak up.”

Hamilton also suggested the policy could be detrimental to the future of women’s surfing.

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“I think it’s really hard to imagine what the future of women’s surfing will be like in 15 to 20 years down the road if we move forward in allowing this major change,” she added. “But we are seeing glimpses of male-bodied dominance in women’s sports like running, swimming and others.”

The athlete also posed a series of questions to the World Surf League regarding the policy, asking who is pushing for this change and if it is better for women in the sport.

“How is this rule playing out in other sports like swimming, running, MMA?” she asked. “Have any of the current surfers in the World Surf League been asked what their thoughts and opinions are on this new rule before it was passed or announced? Should there be a conversation with the 17 women and all of the men on tour prior to a rule change such as this? Is a hormone level an honest and accurate depiction that someone indeed is a male or female?” were some of the questions she brought up.

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Hamilton suggested creating a separate division for trans swimmers instead of allowing men to compete against women.


Franklin Graham, the president and CEO of Samaritan’s Purse and the son of the great evangelist Billy Graham, voiced his support for Hamilton in a Twitter post.

@BethanyHamilton is speaking out against a new rule the World Surf League has put in place that allows men to compete in women’s competitions. Who makes these rules anyway? I don’t understand why all women don’t stand up in revolt,” Graham said in the tweet.

Hamilton lost her arm in a shark attack while she was surfing in 2003. Despite her injury, Hamilton went on to become a legend in the sport winning many championships even after the attack.

Her story was told in the hit 2011 movie “Soul Surfer.”

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