NASCAR Bans White Guys From Internship Program

NASCAR has created a series of diversity programs that intentionally exclude white men. Spencer Lindquist, a report for Daily Wire joined the Todd Starnes Radio Show to discuss his jaw-dropping story regarding diversity, inclusion and what was once the most patriotic an unwoke sport in the nation. Click here to listen to the podcast interview.

TODD: [00:58:11] There is a story that caught my eye at The Daily Wire. The headline NASCAR Bans White Applicants from Diversity Internship at NASCAR. Ladies and gentlemen, the author of this jaw dropping story is on our Patriot Mobile Newsmaker Line today, the great Spencer Lindquist. Spencer, good to have you with us.

SPENCER: [00:59:04] Thank you very much for having me on.

TODD: [00:59:06] All right. Well, let’s jump into this. So NASCAR has an internship program, but they’re calling it a diversity internship program. What did you find out about this?

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SPENCER: [00:59:17] Exactly. So this NASCAR program at this summer internship called the Diversity Internship Program. And if you look at the program requirements, the very first one stipulates that you have to be one of several approved races. So they’ve got African-American, Hispanic or Latino. Asian effectively lists all of these different racial groups other than white people. So if you are white and you want to apply for this NASCAR scholarship excuse me, the NASCAR internship, you’re ineligible.

TODD: [00:59:47] So and just to be clear, I’m going through the list and I happen to be of the Caucasian persuasion. And someone like me would not be eligible for this program.


SPENCER: [00:59:58] Exactly. You wouldn’t be eligible and you wouldn’t be eligible because of your race. So I spoke with a legal scholar, a constitutional lawyer named David Bernstein at George Mason University, and he said that this is blatantly illegal. Those are his words. And he said that it violates civil rights law. So clearly, we’re seeing here that if somebody want to apply for this but couldn’t they were rejected on the basis of their race, they would actually have legal standing to sue NASCAR over this racial discrimination.

TODD: [01:00:29] Spencer, as you were doing an investigative report on this. Were you able to get a comment from NASCAR? Were they able to explain what’s going on here?

SPENCER: [01:00:39] Unfortunately, I wasn’t I didn’t get any response from NASCAR, and hopefully we’ll get a bit more clarity on it going forward. But what we do know right now is that this diversity internship program is part of a broader push for a diversity equity and inclusion at the company. They have what they call a drive for diversity, and that includes a couple of different race based mentorship programs, one for people who are in pit crew and another for those who are aren’t racecar drivers. And these similarly are all open to people who come from nonwhite racial backgrounds or who are women. So that a bit more specifically discriminates against white men.

TODD: [01:01:19] This was shocking. We’re talking about NASCAR here. It doesn’t get more red, white and blue, more patriotic than NASCAR. And I think that’s what’s so shocking about this. What’s been the reaction? You know, your story came out. I’m curious to know the reaction that people have had.

SPENCER: [01:01:38] Well, it’s definitely made the rounds on Twitter in the last day. And I think people are shocked. We’re seeing more and more of these types of cases. This is not the first DUI related job posting story that I’ve written, but this one, I think, has been rather shocking to people. Maybe just because this isn’t an arena where people seem to expect there being this type of DEI enforcement at a place like NASCAR.

TODD: [01:02:05] Yeah, I was. And again, to your point, this goes far beyond just the internship program. It looks like they have an entire division dedicated for this, what they called drive for diversity. And again, applicants have to meet these certain criteria and the white men need not apply.

SPENCER: [01:02:26] Exactly. That’s what we saw in both of these, both the development programs for pit crew and for drivers. It stated very openly, which of course, made reporting on it rather easy. But there wasn’t any coded language here. There wasn’t any beating around the bush. It was very clear, very direct. It had eligibility requirements and top of the list was racial and ethnic specifications.

TODD: [01:02:49] Not the best, not the best person to, you know, change a tire. But we want we want somebody based on skin color or their gender.

SPENCER: [01:02:58] Exactly. And NASCAR, this is just one example here at NASCAR. But we have recently seen other examples where similar diversity, equity and inclusion programs that discriminate against people on the basis of their race. This has been found other companies as well. We recently have original story here at The Daily Wire that found that Oracle, the Silicon Valley tech giant, had a similar internship program as internship and scholarship program, and it similarly lifted these racial requirements and it didn’t allow white applicants or Asian applicants. So this is something that we’re seeing at NASCAR and beyond.

TODD: [01:03:34] Lou. This is insane. By the way, Spencer, let me tell you when all this started. So if you do a follow up, you got to go back in time and you can Google this. But it was when Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty fame, he was invited to pray, give the invocation at a NASCAR race. And Spencer, I don’t have you been to have you ever been to a NASCAR race before?

SPENCER: [01:03:55] You know, I haven’t.

Speaker 1 [01:03:56] So it’s kind of like going to church. So they’ll have like a big prayer. And the preacher, when the preacher prays, it’s like a sermon. It’s not like a little quick prayer, you know, cause it’s NASCAR. So they invited Phil Robertson of Dr. Ministry to pray and all you know what broke loose because Phil Robertson, during the prayer, prayed for a Jesus man in the White House. This was when Trump was running and it created all this controversy. And I’m like, what in the world is going on at NASCAR that a prayer has clearly triggered people? I think that was the beginning of the end. So you can quote me on that. If you’re if you’re going to do a follow up story.

SPENCER: [01:04:32] Of and I’ll keep that in mind. It’s it’s certainly interesting what we’ve seen with NASCAR. There’s obviously been a couple of different issues throughout recent years that have thrust it in the forefront of the culture war. And this is just the latest iteration.

TODD: [01:04:46] All right, Spencer, we appreciate the great story. Folks. We’ve got a link to the story on our live show blog. Blatantly Illegal NASCAR bans White Applicants from Diversity Internship. Spencer, good work and we’ll get you back on soon.

SPENCER: [01:05:08] Thank you very much for having me.

TODD: [01:05:09] All right. There you go, folks. One of the journalists over there at The Daily Wire.

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