NASCAR GOES WOKE: Driver Undergoes Sensitivity Training for Sharing ‘Family Guy’ Clip

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NASCAR has gone woke.

Driver Denny Hamlin will have to take a sensitivity training course after he posted a clip from Family Guy to his Twitter account on Monday.

Hamlin posted a joke from the show stereotyping Asian drivers in response to the final seconds of the race at Talladega.

Kyle Larson went for the lead ahead of the finish line and moved up and hit Kurt Busch. Busch hit the wall and the subsequent crash that unfolded also collected Bubba Wallace.

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Larson’s maternal family is Japanese and he’s the first person from NASCAR’s Driver for Diversity program to win a Cup Series title.

Hamlin, who is good friends with Larson, deleted the tweet hours after he posted it and issued an apology late Monday evening.