STARNES: Biden Should Offer Brittney Griner a Choice: Stand for the National Anthem and We’ll Secure Your Release

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Professional basketball star Brittney Griner Is facing up to ten years in a Russian prison. The WNBA player arrested in February. Police say she had vape cartridges filled with hashish oil. That’s a crime in Russia. 

Ms. Griner made national headlines a few years ago when she led an effort to protest our great nation. During the 2020 season she refused to come out of the locker room until the anthem had been played. 

That was then — and this is now. 

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Ms Griner has penned a letter to President Biden — begging the country she despises – to save her life. 

“As I sit here in a Russian prison, alone with my thoughts and without the protection of my wife, family, friends, Olympic jersey, or any accomplishments, I’m terrified I might be here forever,” she wrote in a handwritten letter released by her representatives.

“On the 4th of July, our family normally honours the service of those who fought for our freedom, including my father who is a Vietnam war veteran,” she continued. “It hurts thinking about how I usually celebrate this day because freedom means something completely different to me this year.”

Should Brittney Griner Stand for National Anthem as a condition of her release?

How ironic seeing how she used her platform in the WNBA to rebuke American patriotism.

Ms. Griner went on to write that she feared she would spend the rest of her life in a Russian prison. 

It’s a valid concern. Probably something she should’ve thought about before traveling abroad.

If in fact President Biden is able to secure Ms. Briner’s release (which is highly unlikely) he should offer a conditional agreement.

The president will be more than happy to secure her release from the Russian prison provided she promise to stand for the Star-Spangled Banner.

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