UNFAIR! Female Swimmer Tied with Lia Thomas But Only She Left Without a Trophy

Riley Gaines, who tied with biological male Lia Thomas, for fifth in the women’s 200 freestyle Friday at the NCAA Division I Women’s Championships said officials put the transgender athlete ahead of her.

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Is it fair for Lia Thomas to compete against biological females?

When it came time to get her award, Gaines told The Daily Wire an NCAA official told her there was only one fifth-place trophy, which would be given to Thomas.

Gaines, a senior at the University of Kentucky, told the conservative outlet she argued with the official before taking the stand and forced to hold a sixth-place trophy for the cameras.

“Ok that’s fine, she worked hard, just like I worked hard, there’s no question there,” Gaines told the official. “But can I ask why she gets the fifth-place trophy before I do? Especially last night, she just won the national title.”

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The official told Gaines her trophy would be coming in the mail.

“I just want you to know that we respect you and admire your swim so much, but we just want Lia to hold the fifth-place trophy,” she said the official told her.

Gaines told the official it wasn’t fair and accused the NCAA of trying to save face.

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“I left the pool with no trophy,” Gaines said. “Not a big deal, but it was the goal that I had set all year.”

The audience loudly cheered for Gaines and boos and silence could be heard for Thomas.

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