WATCH: Moms Tackle Sons at Football Practice

An Illinois high school football team geared up and practiced getting tackled by their own mothers for a special preseason “Moms Night” event.

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A video from the Washington Community High School football team’s event posted by WMBD’s Kurt Pegler has now gone viral on social media.

Should more high school football teams host a "moms night?"

“Favorite night of football preseason?” Pegler wrote in a Facebook post with the video. “‘Mom’s night’ at Washington. Players’ moms learn about rules, plays, strategy, equipment… and did we mention they get to tackle their sons at the end of practice?”

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The video was even picked up by Barstool Sports and posted on the organization’s Twitter account.

“A high school in Illinois did a “Moms Night” where the mothers suited up and got to tackle their sons,” the tweet said.

“Elite team building,” Barstool added.

The post received a great deal of positive comments on social media, as people loved the event and said more schools should have special family nights like this.

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One of the moms who is shown in the video failing to tackle her son who is nearly twice her size replied to a comment commending her effort.

“Thank you! I am that mom…lol..he is over a foot taller a doubles my weight. He is 6’4″ and 3O5 lbs. Literally like volunteering to run into a brick wall,” the mom wrote.

She continued in another comment, “He still has some growin’ to do..lol…can’t wait to see him by his senior year!!”

According to another commenter, this is a tradition that Washington Community High School has hosted for multiple years.

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